“Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; Serenity, ┬áthat nothing is” – Thomas Szaz

Peace & Quiet. Two of the biggest things we strive for in our everyday lives. Work can be stressful, friends can be stressful and so can some bloody partners. So when we manage to get the chance at that short bit of peace & quiet, we snatch it up with both hands. For me, it’s putting on my favourite outfit and making my way to the local park. We have a large field with small secluded areas. On a nice warm evening, I will head to one of these areas with music, a good book and some nibbles. I will relax without fail. It’s beautiful in it’s greenness and the sounds of birds tweeting and the gushing of a nearby stream. My own little paradise. So when you get the chance to, find that paradise. Take that time out of your busy, stressful day to go and relax wherever you feel best. Be it in the bath, with a good chick flick or if you’re like me, a nice secluded area, there’s a small piece of paradise for everybody amongst all of this chaos.

For today’s outfit, I’ve opted for a full outfit from a store called ~~[Motivaction]. It’s called the Gentleman Outfit and it’s 550L$ but it is very worth it, trust me. This comes with 2 alphas. One for the dress pants and the other for the vest and shirt. The pants and vest come in XS to XL sizes and each come with their own HUD. The pants have 5 different textures to choose from. The vest however is very different. 10 textures for the shirt, 25 for the vest, 30 for the vest jacket and 10 for the buttons that hold it together. It also comes with a flat cap, again with a HUD and 5 different textures. I have decided, however, not to use the flat cap and instead used a hair that I bout from a store called *Dura* who collaborated with ::GABRIEL::. *Dura* is a store who produce fantastic hair at fairly decent prices, starting from approximately 120L$.

Enrique Morazzi - 02_10_2013


Hair: ::GB:: & *Dura* Knit Cap (Chocolate)

Skin & Shape: >> Zyra << Ezequiel skins + shapes + eyes

Outfit: ~~[Motivaction] Gentleman Outfit

Feet: Slink Mens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)




“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglas

The Blogging Ninja is back. Given a bright new makeover, myself and my blog have returned after a year away. I have decided to return as blogging was something I very much enjoyed doing and missed it when I had to leave it behind. In the last 12 months I’ve had to make personal changes. Big or small, changes always have an effect on people. And so looking back on how my changes have affected me, I realised I had become a better, stronger and brighter person. So I decided to change The Blogging Ninja. I will still be posting about SL fashion but everything will be a lot more fluid, a lot stronger than my previous work. So here is the new Blogging Ninja. Better. Stronger. Brighter.

I look forward to my future posts and I hope anyone out there will enjoy reading them and will hopefully take something out of them